Product Information


   To assist agencies in achieving compliance we have streamlined

two compact Type 3 explosive magazines for securing flash bangs

(also known as NFDD, SFDD or FSDD) and explosives that exceed ATF standards. (We have custom sizes as well for specific applications)


Bang Boxes have been in use since 2012 with hundreds of Agencies and used in several major National incidents. They are tailor made for Law Enforcement, taking up about one quarter of the room and fastest installation times as comparable boxes available from commercial explosive companies. Our magazines normally ship the next day and come complete with an approved ATF padlock



We are the only company that has done multiple live torture tests on our patented products, to include anti-theft, small arms fire, even interior and exterior explosive testing to ensure it does what it's designed to do



In order to help agencies come into compliance with federal standards, we have excerpts from ATF code 27 and specific Law Enforcement rulings that you wont find anywhere on the web on hand ready to assist you.



Even if you decide you are not interested in our product, please take the time to look at the guidelines to ensure your agency's members are in compliance. Feel free to contact us so that we can send you the up to date information.

2018 Blue Line Breachers, LLC      Makers of the Bang Box and Big Bang Box custom explosive magazines

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