Original BANG BOX



  • All our products EXCEED the ATF magazine requirements
  • Designed with Snag-resistant rounded sides
  • Come complete with ATF compliant lock(s)
  • Powder coated low profile black exterior
  • 7 guage steel, 1/3 thicker than other magazines
  • Torture tested to ensure they do what they are supposed to do
  • Custom designed and built by LawEnforcement Breachers
  • KCBO warranty

      Big Bang Box            item # 252-10


  • Exceptionally compact 7" x 12" footprint
  • Holds 10 Full sized devices
  • 3 pre drilled holes for different mounting options    (mounting plates available for drop in ARV applications)
  • Includes a removable lexan divider to secure devices, even with a less than full loadout, improves accountability and speeds in issuing to Team members
  • Holds up to 15 thirty foot NONEL blasting caps, small IDC charges, Duct Tape Linears, Fire Hose Charges, Stingers and explosive K9 training aids



     Bang Box                  item # 252-43


  • Less than a 5" x 7" footprint is the most compact on the market
  • Holds 2 full size smoke, gas, FSDDs, K9 training aids or 2 thirty foot NONEL blasting caps
  • 3 pre drilled holes for different mounting options
  • Interior size allows for the greatest flexibility in loadout while still keeping a small size for today's Law Enforcement applications

2018 Blue Line Breachers, LLC      Makers of the Bang Box and Big Bang Box custom explosive magazines

    US Patent # 8,939,282             All rights reserved and trademarked          Designed  by Brad Gallagher