In 2011 the original Bang Box was designed to hold my four 30ft Nonel blasting caps that were currently in a space about 100 times too big for what I needed as an explosive breacher. I made my first design out of cardboard target backers until I got the size where I wanted. I quickly realized its small compact size was exactly what was needed for holding small amounts of explosives, smokes and flash bangs. In 2012 I took the Bang Box to the major explosive magazine companies who advised that Law Enforcement was too small of a market for them to make a compact explosive magazine. My never quit attitude kicked in and the company was formed, selling our first few Bang Boxes in late 2012.  The design and name is patented and trademarked. Bang Box is now trusted in nearly every single state with hundreds of Federal, State and Local agencies. Bang Box is even used by major corporations such as SpaceX. Our products have played critical roles in at least two National incidents by allowing operators to have more tools at their immediate disposal.


Since the Bang Box was designed from the ground up by a current Law Enforcement professional it has custom features that set us apart from competitors. I'm not about selling the most numbers, I am about selling something made to the point that you won’t ever need to replace during your career. Locally produced in Florida, Bang Boxes are professionally built using laser cut designs and TIG welded for strength prior to being powder coated. Each box is then hand fitted with its custom wood inserts, lock and other essentials prior to being packaged for shipping.


Operator safety always comes first which is why we have done extensive live testing on our Bang Box to make sure it did what is was supposed to. We've tried breaking into them, had them in fires, had them on the range getting shot with small arms fire and done explosive testing on the exterior and interior. No one else does that, ever wonder why? We did our own competitor testing and broke into it in less than 15 seconds using a 12 year old. We are positive that if you look at our product compared to others the choice will be simple. We have a multipurpose application platform to include tactical team members, patrol supervisors, explosive and narcotic canine handlers, explosive breachers and EOD members.


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We are trusted by thousands Nationwide, I look forward to hearing from you and earning yours.

 KCBO!   Brad Gallagher - Owner



2018 Blue Line Breachers, LLC      Makers of the Bang Box and Big Bang Box custom explosive magazines

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